Several funny things going on in this “dog humping leg” video…unlaced high-top Ponies?

After seeing the Humpy Awards, where dogs mercilessly hump legs competitively, one of our interns said “I wonder if there are other humorus videos of dogs humping legs on Youtube.” A quick search led us to the gem above and soon thereafter, we convened in our large conference room to discuss our favorite videos of the day prior to posting.

“Ewww” blurted out at several people at once. It appears to be a male dog humping a guys leg and it just feels wrong.

Then, of course, we noticed the rippin’ outfit. Skin tight white tee and one size too small navy sweat pants punctuated by a pair of hightop white Ponies.

A hush fell over the room during the final moments of the video, when the dog owner triumphantly points out that Fido had left a lil sumpin’ on his sweatpant leg.

As my lttle brother used to say (and still does) “Grody to the Max.”

The Humpy Awards – Dogs Judged on Their Leg Humpability

The TMZ-style conference room where we examine videos for our network went silent as we processed this video. The tension and anticipation was palpable initially, but once we learned how the dogs would be judged and how much everyone enjoyed the competition (“the dogs certainly did” said the Humpy Awards organizer….brilliant!), joy ensued.

And congratulations to the winning dog…Mrs. Hope.