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Buzzfest XXX on 4.20.13 with 94.5 The Buzz and Bud Light will rock the Woodlands – what a lineup!

Buzzfest 30 with 94.5 The Buzz on 4.20.13 will be righteous!
Buzzfest XXX with 94.5 The Buzz on 4.20.13 will be righteous!  Click above for more info!

Shinedown, P.O.D., Bush, Hollywood Undead, Stone Sour, The Dirty Heads, Papa Roach, Oleander, Sick Puppies, Youngblood Hawke, Beware of Darkness, IAMDYNAMITE, Virgin Mary’s and A Silent Film will all be performing.  

It’s an awesome lineup and an event that iHeartRadio and CCM+E can be proud of.

Buzzfest, at it’s 30th show, has never been stronger.  It sold out in a couple of hours which is amazing these days.  Vive’ le Buzzfest, Bud Light, and 94.5 The Buzz Houston! 

Steak and a BJ Day anthem (It’s My Day) by MC Sweatercat out of Austin – posted at

Rod Ryan from 94.5 The Buzz FM-KTBZ Houston, is a proud celebrant every March 14th.  The reason?  Steak and a BJ day.  It’s kinda like Valentine’s Day but it’s a month later, it’s centered more around the man and it’s focused on 2 distinct holiday fare situations.

The halls of Double Diamond Inc. are all abuzz about tomorrow’s festivities.  Despite popular speculation, no, we aren’t having a staff holiday tomorrow.  However, Double Diamond himself will be working from home and unreachable.

MC Sweatercat’s lyrics touch the spirit, and the video production is superb.  Check out werdrecording on Youtube for more of their cool videos.  

As always, find tons of cool stuff at and at

103.5 KTU – The Beat of New York / produces a great video showing Korean star Psy and Gangnam Style taking over New York City

Watching social media phenomenon is one of our favorite things to do as we discuss which videos to showcase each week. This character Psy from Korea is something else. He impressed Ryan Seacrest so much that Ryan got him into the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas this week. Last week he did the “Gangnam Style” dance on Ellen with Britney. We think his video has received 190 million+ views so far.

The video is brilliantly produced by Paul the Web Guy at 103.5 KTU The Beat of New York and shows his hilarious take on the dance craze. Paul’s garnered 440,000 views so far, but that number should increase dramatically soon. It’s a great viral video.

Korean star “Psy” added to the iHeartRadio Music Festival lineup on Ellen…with Britney Spears as dance partner

iHeartRadio continues blowing up and recently added an up and coming international superstar to it’s 9/21/12 & 9/22/12 lineup at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Psy, from Korea, is a social media success due to his song “Gangnam Style”.  In this clip, he discusses his success with Ellen and then dances “Gangnam style” with Ellen and Britney.